in Spotttoelpel - network the networking portal for peaceful resistance and World Peace!
(The wave of truth)


im Spotttoelpel Netzwerk, wir freuen uns das Du unser Vernetzungsportal nutzen möchtest, um dich besser umfassend alternativ zu informieren, in allen Themenbereichen die bisher vom Mainstream stark unterdrückt werden! Danke 🙂
Our team of Spotttoelpel and GdG
have the following new Teamspeak server address!


We support the

Global Common Law Court

The Spotttoelpel - network will support other partners in the future,
Carl Peter Hoffmann from GCLC and fundamental rights Alliance (NGO) are already in the works.

Sovereign Jörg Investigative: Spotter, analyst, Recherchist, author, critics of the system, knowledge Hungry, background questioner ghostwriter.


channel: Spotttoelpel Password: freedom
channel: GdG Password: freedom
channel: State Ur Password: freedom
channel: Lumo de Vero Password: freedom
channel: Global Common Law Court Password: Please refer to the TeamSpeak Report!

Click here to download Teamspeak

As your TeamSpeak installed and set up, you can see in the video tutorial (video tutorial)


1&1 DSL"

Greetings, your team Spotti


 Netzwerk Erklärung
 Netzwerk Erklärung
 Netzwerk Erklärung


 We look forward together to share with you information, to strengthen the community and let arise a positive impact on our future. Good cooperation!

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Your team of GdG & Spotttoelpels


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