when Spotttoelpel - Network
(The wave of truth)


Here you can reach us, with us to speak, for praise, for help
or to make us to Turbooo Snail ... 🙄
You can here together and move you talk on the network.
To form itself networks in the network, you are diverse Orga
and Regional Teamspeak channels available!

Our team of Spotttoelpel and GdG
have the following new Teamspeak server address!

New! has now also established Stephen the Great, the man of the state Ur.
And Lumo De Vero (Light of Truth)
"Only together and together we will achieve something!"
vision-dWe support the Vision-D
because only together come to the destination we all
Freedom, justice, peace for all people!Association of German legal expert
in all legal matters, rather just for experts!
Verband deutscher Rechtsachverständiger


channel: Spotttoelpel Password: freedom
channel: GdG Password: freedom
channel: State Ur Password: freedom
channel: Lumo de Vero Password: freedom

Click here to download Teamspeak

As your TeamSpeak installed and set up, you can see in the video tutorial (video tutorial)


1&1 DSL"

Greetings, your team Spotti


 Netzwerk Erklärung
 Netzwerk Erklärung
 Netzwerk Erklärung

Info anfordern: Solaranlage mieten MEP Ökostrom"

 We look forward together to share with you information, to strengthen the community and let arise a positive impact on our future. Good cooperation!

Positive SSL

Your team of GdG & Spotttoelpels

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