UFO expert warned of his death and died!

UFO expert warned of his death and died!

The circumstances surrounding the death of the British Max Spiers are extremely mysterious. The conspiracy theorists had traveled about three months ago to Poland there to give a lecture. Given it but never came: On July 15, the woman discovered, was present at the Spiers in Warsaw, the 39-year-old man on the couch the lifeless body.

Now the enigmatic case his mother Vanessa Bates goes to (63). Especially because her son had written the day before his death: "Your son is in trouble. If me something happens, it examined. "

Healthy man dies suddenly

Spiers is originally from the UK Canterbury. In recent years, he made his name as a UFO expert and conspiracy theorists. Recently he has researched loud "NY Post" about the lives of celebrities and politicians in the United States.

The Polish authorities indicated that Spiers, a father of two, died of natural causes. For Vanessa Bates that is not possible. "He was fit and healthy," says the mother of the British newspaper "The Sun". Furthermore, one could argue that not when you did not even autopsied the body, she says.

A dark truth that should not come to light

A week after the death of her son let Bates bring the remains to England. There, toxicological studies were performed. The results but it has not survived to this day.

According to friends in Poland Spiers has vomited a black liquid before he died. Vanessa Bates believes that her son had been poisoned. "He has unearthed a dark truth," she believes. Why would some people want him dead.

Note the Spotttoelpel editors:
We wish his family and all relatives and friends of Max Spiers our sincere condolences. He was a warrior of light and has certainly brought with his revelations, many people from a deep sleep!

thank you Max Spiers for your courage and truthfulness!

Source: http://www.20min.ch/

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An Indigo Boy from Mars told from his memoirs


An Indigo Boy from Mars told from his memoirs

A meeting in an anomalous zone

The first time I heard about the unusual boy named Boriska Boris or through the stories of members of an expedition to an anomalous zone in the north of the province of Volgograd, known as Medwedizkaja chain. "Imagine, as the evening everyone sat around the campfire, demanded this little boy, about seven years old, abruptly and loudly for peace: He wanted to tell us something about the Martians and their trips to Earth," said one of the witnesses, who told us his impressions. "Someone chatted on in a low voice, but the boy demanded strictly our undivided attention, otherwise, there would be no story. '"

Then ceased the other calls. For the child with the plump face and large eyes, in a summer T-shirt and a cool baseball cap, began - totally unimpressed by adults - with an incredible history: about the Martian civilization, megalithic cities and spaceships from Mars , flights to other planets and the land of Lemuria on earth. Life there he knew from his own experience, as he was eventually flown from Mars here on this vast continent in the ocean, where he had friends ...

Many were about two things especially shocked: First, about the unusual knowledge that should not have an age of seven. Second, the presentation of Boriska was not at the level of a child who is in the first class. The terminology, details and facts from the past of Mars and Earth impressed everyone. Only the emotional outbursts revealed that these flawless and impressive speech was from a child.

"Why did Boriska tells us that?" Wondered my interlocutor. "Obviously, the environment of the expedition camp encouraged him to do so. Here interested and open-minded people were assembled that worked to educate the many secrets of Earth and the cosmos; and Boris, who had followed the discussions attentively, now discussed his memories in a speech. "

"Could it be that he has all just invented? All, Star Wars' films viewed and has then made up stories? "

"Does not look that way. That did not sound like a pipe dream, "said my colleague. "More to a memory of the past, memories from his past reincarnations. Certain details can not think of one himself; the must have known personally. "

The statement about the memories of past reincarnations was crucial for me: I realized that I had to meet Boriska personally. After the encounter with him and his parents, I try now, putting it all together to understand the mystery of the birth of this young man.
Boriskas mother remembers

Strangely stands on Boriskas birth certificate in the section for birth "Zhirnovsk, Volgograd Province" as an exhibition, although Boriska was born in a provincial maternity hospital in the city of Volzhsk. He was born January 11, 1996 at 8:30 AM. An astrologer could thus perhaps do something.

Boriskas parents are good and kind people. His mother Nadezhda Kiprjanowitsch is dermatologist in a city hospital, she graduated in 1991 from the Medical Academy Volgograd. His father Yuri Towstenew is retired officer, he was at that time a graduate of the Higher Military School in Kamischinski and now works as a construction supervisor. They themselves would be happy if someone could them help the enigmatic phenomenon to come to her son on the track, but until then they watch this miracle continue with great curiosity.

"After Boriska was come into the world, I noticed that he could lift his head at the age of 15 days," said Nadezhda recalls. "His first word baba (, grandmother ') he said, four months and from then on he began to talk practically. he formed his first set of seven months with the words, I want a nail have '- he saw a nail in the wall - and that, although children generally start until much later with the saying. But his truly remarkable intellectual abilities were outside the Inexplicable. "
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The Pleiades are the most famous star cluster in the sky, a distinctive light spots, where you can see about 5 to 6 stars with the naked eye. The whole pile is made up of hundreds of stars, as you can see beautiful with a telescope.

The Pleiades are in Taurus. They appear in the autumn evening sky and can be admired throughout the winter. Just below them runs the ecliptic, therefore attract the sun and planets past them, and the moon she visits once a month. Sometimes it happens even to the fact that the moon moves through the middle of the star clusters and some of the stars obscured.

Where the sky is the Pleiades to find?

In autumn they appear after months of absence early in the morning again and shift their rise gradually ever further into the night, until they rise to the onset of winter in the evening in the eastern sky. This could be observed every year anew, which is why you had such a reliable means at hand to identify the start of each season. The Pleiades was part of the farming calendar, and some Bauernregeln always report more of them.

Plejaden Sternenbild

East view on an autumn evening


Sternensymbol des StieresThe constellation Taurus is mainly composed of the star cluster of the Hyades. These form the sky a distinctive V and are good to see.
The main star Aldebaran is bright and reddish. He is a prominent star and represents the eye of the bull.

The Pleiades are located on the shoulder of the bull. Behind ends the constellation, it is not shown completely. Links below the bull we find the familiar constellation Orion.

Between Hyades and Pleiades planets road (ecliptic) passes through. Since this part of the sky is so impressively surrounded by stars, it is also called, Golden Gate of the ecliptic '.

The Pleiades - Then and Now

The stars of the Pleiades are about 415 light-years away from us, that is their light needs 415 years to reach us. We see them so now, as they have looked 415 years ago. The Pleiades are formed together from a gas cloud. Their age is estimated at 20-50 million years, so they are still quite young. In contrast, the earth is much older, namely 4.5 billion years.

When dinosaurs roamed the earth, there was no Pleiades! Some of them are even today still surrounded by the nebula, from which they arose. Your Starlight brings the gas surrounding them to light, so that some of the Pleiades are surrounded by an impressive blue aura. In larger telescopes and more exposed photos that's good to see.

The cluster consists of many hundreds of stars. are clearly visible Siebengestirn der Plejadenof 5-6 stars, the brightest among them. These stars have grown up countless myths, for already thousands of years ago, people noticed this star spot in the sky. It was so important to them that they gave the individual stars name.

In the legends have been frequent reports of seven stars, another name of the Pleiades is therefore also Pleiades. Today we see only 6 of them with the naked eye. Maybe shone a star used to be much brighter than now. In some stories will accurately pointed out that a star faded among them.

The Pleiades are a prominent spot in the sky. Your rising and setting were also earlier observed accurately and used to determine important dates in already thousands of years ago. In the spring they show up for the last time in the evening on the western horizon.

Shortly after dark, they go under mild and are then not visible in the next few months. This last visibility was equated with the arrival of spring. The first farmers knew they could deploy their seed now, because the winter was then finally over when the Pleiades disappeared from the sky.

The oldest depiction of the Pleiades from the Central European region is likely to see on the Sky Disc of Nebra, which was only discovered 1999th It is dotted with small gold points, and seven of them form a small star cluster, which probably symbolizes the Pleiades. As the sky disc looks like and what else are worth knowing about it, you learn on the page, Nebra Sky Disc '.

There are also some myths so old stories of the Pleiades. They act mostly on how the Pleiades once arrived at the sky.

Source: Pleiades - Astrokramkist
Source: http: //grenz-und-krypto-wissenschaften.blogspot.de/2010/11/universums-und-erdgeschichte.html

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